A tour worth taking

Founded by the Romans over 2000 years ago, Augsburg is one of the three oldest cities in Germany along with Trier and Kempten. The good news for visitors is that many exceptional sights have been preserved and some have been lavishly restored. The majority of these are located in the old town and can be easily reached on foot. Through the middle of this runs Maximilianstraße. The magnificent buildings from the Gothic, Renaissance, Rococo and Neoclassical periods turn the street into a tale of the city’s history told in stone. Equally inviting for strollers and pleasure-seekers are the numerous shops, pubs, bars and restaurants between the Rathaus and Ulrichsplatz.

Starting at the Rathaus, you can see buildings of interest along a historic route. Numbers 1 to 13 have pop-up information pages on each of the sights.

Further details can be found at: Fremdenverkehrsamt Augsburg (Augsburg Tourist Information Office) Fremdenverkehrsamt Augsburg
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